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Friday Fun Facts

It’s been a few weeks, hasn’t it? Sadly, I don’t even have a ton of facts to make up for it. At least not fun ones. I mean I could tell you all sorts of facts about fine art theories and semiotics and conceptual photographers, but who wants to know facts about the stuff I’m learning in school? Ha kidding. (Sort of). T-minus 6 days till my show is due. Ahhhhhhh.

Fact #1: Rain smells lovely.

Fact #2: Weekends are a bit anti-climactic when they are filled with homework and projects.

Fact #3: WPPI is a crazy awesome photographer’s convention, and if you are a photographer you should definitely go!! (No, I wasn’t able to go this year. School. Psssh. Next Year!)

Fact #4: Group projects, at least in school, are highly inefficient. You always get stuck with someone who is lazy and doesn’t do their part. Frustrating.

Fact #5: Down pillows feel like clouds.

Fact #6: Being a senior no longer means you get to slack off and have an easy last semester. Laaaaame.

Fact #7: Wearing long pants when it’s raining out is not smart. You will end up with soggy pants that make your socks wet when you get inside. And who wants soggy pants?

Fact #8: All bathroom and kitchen cleaning products should smell like orange. I’m over lemon.

Fact #9: If you will be walking long distances, such as up and down the strip in Las Vegas for 4 hours, be sure to wear proper shoes, or you will end up with massive blisters. Yeah. Ouch.

Fact #10: There IS a non-sleazy way to do up Vegas!

I was able to head to Vegas for a quick 2 day trip over my Spring break. It was sooo much fun! I love Vegas. Buffets, pool, sunshine, awesome shows, shopping… My family heads down there almost every summer. We get a lot of funny looks when we tell people that, considering my dad is a pastor. Ha. Maybe the only reason I love it as much as I do is because of all the fond memories of family vacations. Whatever the reason, Vegas will always be a place I enjoy :)

Here are just a few shots I took while I was there. I didn’t take a lot of digital, because I was actually focusing on film shots for my show! (Are you interested in my show now? ;) haha.) But I did take a few one afternoon. Jake and I went into a new mall, and they had some amazing architecture and pretty things to look at. I wish I had taken more, actually. Next time….

This was underneath a stair way.

I just thought the wood was so beautiful.

So this isn’t the same stairway as the pictures above, but how cool is it?!

Hundreds of those pretty stones.

An awesome glass sculpture I adored. (Don’t mind my reflection haha.)

That big wooden thing? Yeah, that’s a restaurant. Let’s just say I’d like to eat there.

A wall of glass bubbles!

Who says you have to be a kid to love bubbles? :)

And finally, the water tube things. (That is their official name, yes).


I think Jake and I hung around these things for like 20 minutes. And no we weren’t the only ones.

They are just so cool.

They’re cool, right? Or am I just easily entertained? Haha.

Happy Friday!!!!

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