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It’s December. (Obviously). Which means Christmas is around the corner. Which means all I’ve blogged about recently is Santa and pine trees and holiday cheer.


Just bear with me for a few more posts as I get it all out of my system. I mean, it only comes once a year…

So yeah. Anyways. Christmas lights! I’m a fan. Big fan. Big enough that I convinced Jake to drive me around to look at all the pretty houses. (Though he secretly enjoys it, too.) And I figured I’d blog my favorites. Because everyone shares my affinity for Christmas, right? Riiiiiiiight. Unfortunately though, pictures don’t quite do the lights justice…

This house goes crazy with lights every year! Love it. They’re right off of a major road in Park City (highway 224 for any locals). This was the best angle I could get.

This one is so bright you can see it on a mountainside¬†from I-80. Gotta love LED’s!

Last but no least, our own humble abode :) Again, the picture does NOT do it justice.

I swear in real life it looks like a giant gingerbread house. My own gingerbread house. Mmmmm. Maybe next time I’ll blog about gingerbread houses….

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