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A Year in Review: 2010

As I sat on the plane last night to come home, I started thinking about this past year, and everything that has happened. I started thinking about all the things I did right, that I’m proud of, and all the things I want to work on, that I could have done better. One of the things I’m constantly trying to do is better myself as a photographer, and hone in on my style, my brand. So I decided to take a look back at all the pictures I’ve taken this past year, and pick my 25 favorites, and my 25 least favorites. (No, I’m not going to show the 25 least favorites. Those will be in a secret folder on my computer titled DON’T DO THIS AGAIN. Ha.)

But I decided to share my 25 favorites for two reasons. The first is that I hope it will showcase my style, who I am as a photographer, and continue to help me shape my business. And secondly, when I do a review again next year, I’ll see how far I’ve come :)

It wasn’t easy narrowing it down… I had to go through them twice to get it down to 25. (Being indecisive is really a pain sometimes.) But here they are, in no particular order.

From Kellie and Zach’s Wedding:

From Jamie’s Senior Pictures:

From the Kimble’s Family Session:

From Summer and Carl’s Engagement Session:

From Sarah and Jacob’s Anytime Session:

From Alyssa’s Anytime Session:

From the Deeken’s Family Session:

From Natalie and Brenden’s Engagement Session:

From Kara and Zach’s Wedding:

From Erika’s Maternity Session:

From Emily’s Anytime Session:

From the Rodeheaver’s Family Session:

From Suzi and Ryan’s Anytime Session:

From Jessica and Joe’s Wedding:

From the Keen’s Family Session:

From Brittney’s Anytime Session:

From Krystal and Adam’s Engagement Session:

From Lauren and Joey’s Family Session:

From Bree and Jordan’s Engagement Session:

It was a good year. And I can’t wait for what next year holds :)

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  1. emily
    Posted December 23, 2010 at 1:36 pm | #

    Yep. Love ‘em all!

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